WE ARE HIRING – Creative/ Comedy Writer for Voice interactive Mobile apps

We are looking for a creative / comedy writer! This will be a long-term paid job. The app will use voice recognition to drive interactive games and stories. Content ranges from choose your own adventure stories, random comments, jokes, trivia games, puzzles, etc.


While the app is designed for children (age: 5+), many of our customers will be adults & teens that like the whimsical nature of the this app. Because of this, we’re looking for content that appeals to all ages. We’re not looking for the sample old boring kids stories, we want it to be fresh, random, and witty. Some inspirations are: Pixar, The Muppets, Adventure Time.


If you’re interested in being the personality behind our creative apps, Such as Loujee Smart toy (see the video below), please attach to your application¬†a sample game or interactive story. The content should be something that would take under 2 min for a kid to engage with. and it should be two way interaction, so it has options were the app will ask the kid, and depends on the answer, the story will continue in some direction or other.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the high volume of applications, we will only respond to candidates that submit a sample selected for the job.

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