Developed by Votek, MRHE app is one of the best app in UAE smart government 2014


Votek is very proud to have played a small part in the U.A.E. Smart Government Awards 2014, which serves as an incentive for government entities to implement smart apps and to constantly come up with new ideas.

The second annual award ceremony of the Hamdan Bin Mohammad Award for Smart Government was held in the World Trade Centre Arena under the patronage of Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council.

Shaikh Hamdan awarded government entities for their efforts in implementing smart app services.

Government entities were awarded for different successes such as Best Public Service, Best New Public Service, Best m-Government Service, Best Shared Service, Best Public-Private Partnership, Best Internal Cooperation, Best Co-production with the Public amongst others.

UAE nationals, residents and visitors were asked to vote for the best government services in Dubai for 2014.

With 22 winners awarded at the ceremony, smart app services are continuously improving to provide a more pleasant experience for users in need of these services and Votek helped to develop once such app for the government with the MRHE Guru Smartphone application.



MRHEMohammed Bin Rashed Housing Establishment (MRHE) Guru Smartphone application…

MRHE Guru is a voice-recognition-based housing app that is interactive and easy to use, allowing users to ask and get back answers on services at any time, any place, and around the clock. The app provides answers on MRHE housing initiatives, service details, as well as MRHE general information. Users can use the app to find out which housing services are applicable to them. MRHE Guru first asks several questions and understands the responses to figure out which housing services are applicable.

Understanding and responding to Emirati accent, MRHEGuru serves Emirati’s in Dubai and is especially easy to use for senior citizens and for the visually challenged.

The app can also provide pictures, maps, and links when needed by users. All of these features and more, it will make your smart housing experience more fun, and more effective.

You can download the app from this link: 630?mt=8



Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 11.16.28 PM


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