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About us

Votek is a software company specialized in developing high-tech and innovative solutions based on automatic Arabic Speech Recognition

Main Features:



Recognize continuous speech with 95% accuracy. A great improvements can be achieved by applying Votek ASR engine to specific domains.

Dialectical Language

Dialectical Language

Recognize standard Arabic and dialects. Dialects can be specified according to customer needs.

Work offline

Work offline

It can be customized and extended to adapt client needs, then work offline without need to internet connection..

Facts about Votek

Arabic Accents Supported
National Awards
International Awards
Trained Utterance

Our Mission is to provide high-quality and customer-tailored solutions based on Arabic speech recognition features that can facilitate and expedite the work of our customers..

-- Votek Team --

Some of the achievements we have accomplished by Votek technology

Client    Client    Client    Client    Client    Client

Votek Usage

We have customized VOTEK engine to be used in three domains:

Governmental Apps

This service is ideal for any governmental entity looking to build a customized Siri-like app in the Smart Governments’ era.

Example: MRHE app

Johanna Platform

This service is ideal for any organization looking to significantly improve the mobile customer service experience.

Check this explanation video about Juhaina platform

Smart Characters

It is a family of funny characters that can interact with kids’ speech. Each character has an expertise in one field of science.


Smart Toys

Loujee is a smart toy that can interact with child in a number of ways, ranging from playing various games to telling jokes to simple stories.


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